My heart leads me to places 
 Where family now resides 
Upon the banks of heaven 
With God right by their side 

All my precious family 
Gathered in this land 
Celebrating Christmas 
In the joy of God's own Hand 

Looking down upon me 
Love gleaming in their eye 
Waiting for the day when 
We're joined within the sky 

Love is only distance ~ 
Life now a retreat 
Anxiously I wait until 
Their faces I will greet 

Waiting to explore with them 
The heavens so complete 
What I long for most of all 
The love of souls who meet

Brother Bill just hugging me 
Wrapping arm's so tight
All my precious relatives 
With greetings of delight

Welcoming my heart with love 
Then with so much more
Waiting until then will be 
The sweetest of rewards 

Hearts all joined in love ~ 
Kisses are complete
 Mother smiling beautifully 
Rocking me to sleep 

Christmas dreams forever
My heart's sweet reveries
 A precious gift I have to hold 
Love's Christmas treasury. 

~ Merry Christmas In Heaven ~ 

~ Francine Pucillo ~

ęCopyright 2000





Midi Entitled "Christmas Angel" by Bruce DeBoer


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