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I think of days of yesteryear 
Though some are very sad 
We really didn't have too much 
I always felt so scared 

I wanted so much to belong 
To someone who would care 
Didn't know that I would grow 
Without my mother near 

Doesn't matter anyway 
 I grew up to belong 
Caring for all that life would give 
I learned how to be strong 

Then the day when I returned 
To hold my Mother close 
That was the day I learned to honor 
What I always though I lost

She told me she was sorry 
For all I had gone through 
I told her that I didn't mind 
Taught her how I grew 

Christmas time I treat as though 
I always spent with you 
The family that I wanted then 
 I dreamed I had it too 

Smile was weak and yet I knew 
She felt so sad and blue 
No regrets I said to her 
My heart belongs to you 

You had to do the things you did 
But instantly she cried 
I held my mother in my arms 
Closely by my side 

Your love for me I can now see 
Has never gone away 
So this was now my memory 
Of magic Christmas day 

With joy and love I learned to live 
With many different hearts 
Where love and care was everywhere 
The beauty then did start 

I felt so warm and safe within 
The arms that brought me to 
The angels with their wings so strong 
They showed me what to do 

To love and care for all the things 
That you may not believe 
But this has given strength to me 
That made my life succeed 

That we must be the chosen ones 
Who offers those a hand 
You cannot make it in this life 
If you can't help someone land 

So always give your fellowman 
A hand to reach out to 
Perhaps one day this gift 
Will then return to cherish you 

So keeping Christmas in your heart 
Not only for a day 
But with the joy of all goodwill 
That always comes your way 

Make someone that's sad or blue 
Happy you are near 
That's how I spend my Christmas now 
More than once a year 

The beat of hearts so close to yours 
Smiles with honest love 
That is the gift that life will give 
A Christmas from above 

These are the things you gave to me 
When life was sad for you 
I love you Mommy don't you see 
My Christmas wasn't blue 

Each special day of Christmas 
Begins and ends with you 
With memories of all your gifts 
My heart refreshed and new. 

~ I Love You Mom ~ 

Madeline Mroczek Bartos 
5-23-21 ~ 2-23-81


~ Francine Pucillo ~

ęCopyright Christmas 2000


Midi Polish Lullaby "Lulajze"

Mom's Favorite Polish Christmas Song.

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