Sometimes in the darkness 
Of a cold and wintry night
When Christmas lights are glowing 
A child is filled with fright

The church bells all are ringing
A chorus fills the air
But a child that's lost in sorrow
 Always feels despair

So keep your heart wide open
To this poor and lonely child
Give her all the sustenance
Don't let life pass you by

Hold her and protect her 
From the forces that will be
The reason why she spends her life
In constant misery

Hear her softly crying 
In the snow outside your door
Let her in your heart there is room
For her and more

So let this Christmas gift I give
Be all that you will need
To give someone a Christmas 
A light so you can lead

Take someone you love tonight
Hold them very close
Let them know that it's their love 
That you treasure most

Christmas is the time for love
With presents and a tree
Mostly it's a time to love
Why is that hard to see

Love the special gift 
Is all we ever need
To share a life of beauty
A place where we succeed

Call upon an angel and her 
Wings will guard you through
God will give the present 
On this Christmas just for you

The love of all the angels 
The blessings from on high
My wish for you this Christmas
From a child who used to cry.
~ Francine Pucillo ~

ęCopyright 2000




Midi Entitled "Christmas Angel" by Bruce DeBoer

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