Another battered child found
Just lying in the street
Angel with a dirty face
Who needs a place to sleep

Those who care cannot be found
To give a life or home
These children of great poverty
The streets are where they roam

How can they seek out comfort
From any human being
When people who wear uniforms
Will torture as they scream

These children have a message
That we cannot accept
They huddle with the masses
Do things we don't expect

They struggle to survive in life
Who then will show the way
Can one man really matter
I found that man today

His life is on the line now
His fate forever sealed
He must protect his children
The government conceals

A tribute to his beauty
He seeks out what is bad
Offers to give special gifts
These children never had

An honor then to meet him
I humbly present
The man who feels the sorrow
Of children he has met

No man is an Island
No man stands alone
To me this man is everything
A heart that brings love home.


~ Francine J. Pucillo ~

Copyright 2000








Midi "To Go Beyond" by Enya

Obtained From "Arlene's Heavenly Miscellaneous Midi's"

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