My life and it's tomorrows

Have all but disappeared

I need the joy of sharing

A moment with you near

The joy of Christmas left me

That sad November day

When I could never see you

Or hear the words you'd say

The time on earth is lonely

My Christmas is so blue

My Santa Clause is gone now

He lived inside of you

I think of all my yesterdays

The Christmas morning joy

When smiles lit up the table

You became that little boy




You know you were my Christmas

The tree and all the lights

The wreath that gave such beauty

The heart that filled my life

So now the chairs are empty

And yet I know I'll see

The smile that will awaken

When I light that Christmas tree

Through life so much was gathered

By gentle love and grace

You filled my life with beauty

That each year can be traced

My heart my soul my breath

You're never far away

You'll always be my Christmas

God wanted it that way.


~ Mrs. Aruthur Pucillo ~

┬ęCopyright December 18, 2010



You would have to know the beauty of this man

to know what I have missed for the past two years

and why it is so difficult for me to get through each

day without him. My Arthur was a special man filled

with love for everyone and so loved Christmas.


As a child he spent most of his Christmases at his

Grandmother's house and how he loved to talk about

those times. He loved presents and loved to give them out.

He always went shopping all year long and would have his

trunk filled with gifts to give people he knew, or people he

just met. He was an unusually loving person who brought

so much joy and love in his lifetime.


Never a day goes by when I don't think of how

grateful I was in life to have the privilege of being

Mrs. Arthur Paul Pucillo

The man of all seasons.


I Love you my precious Arthur

Your "Franny"







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