Christmas will be lonely

Because your not around

The laughter and the happiness

Is silently profound

The morning now is quiet

No voices through the day

No questions I can answer

No words in life to say

My heart it feels so lonely

The time goes very slow

I long to hear "Good Morning"

I wonder do you know

How very much I miss you

How very much it meant

That you were part of my life

I cherish years we spent


The autumn leaves have fallen

The frost is in the air

The church bells now are ringing

For Christmas time is near

But now your chair is empty

The loss I feel goes deep

But through the years reminders

Of promises we keep

I'll hold you in my memory

A treasure that was there

So easy to remember

The soul so pure you shared

Our time in life I'll gather

The treasures of  your heart

The gentleman who came through

God's finest work of art.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

©Copyright December 19, 2010

I love you "Luigi"



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