I look around and your not here

So many years you were so near

I hear your laughter and see your smile

Your life to me was so worthwhile


For all the years we made our way

The three of us would always stay

I loved you more than you will know

I know that now I'll miss you so


Thanks for helping when Artie left

My heart so broken and bereft

Yet you took it all in stride

Felt your sadness but pushed aside


You kept me going these two years

Laughing talking sharing tears

You meant the world to me you know

I'll miss you as the rivers flow


So now you are in peace with grace

Within the family you embrace

Your Mom and Dad and all you knew

Are there to show you your way through


I know that Artie's by your side

Loving you with so much pride

Watching now from up above

Protecting all of those you love


In case in life you didn't see

How very much you meant to me

I want to tell you from my heart

You were a gentle work of art


As years may come and as they go

My Sweet Louie you'll always know

You were the one who touched my soul

The Heart of Love that I can hold.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

┬ęCopyright September 14, 2010




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