I walk within the sunset
And you're no longer there
A portrait of the sadness
That in my heart I bear

I see your smile and wonder
What more in life could be
The joy of all your countenance
Still resonates with me

The gentle way you reached out
The heart in life you bore
You gave it all to many
For you it was no chore

Your gift of life was genuine
In every waking day
You walked a path of honor
For you were made that way

The heart of love created
With kind and gentle thoughts
Belonged to you my Arthur
With happiness you brought

So easy to remember
Not easy to forget
These words a true description
Of Arthur's true vignette

For in his life the author
Of words so well defined
The gift of all who knew him
The love that was so kind

If all in life is measured
Through goodness that was there
My Arthur was the "giver"
Of love beyond compare.

~ Francine
Pucillo ~
ęCopyright November 18, 2008

In life people we admire cross our paths. So few times
do we have the honor of meeting them and getting to know
them first from a distance and then next to your heart.

For me, Arthur was that man, a man of courage, kindness
tenderness, and a host of incredible definitions that relate to "hero"
throughout his life. He was kind to everyone, never met a stranger
he did not call friend. He was always there through adversity
and tried everything in his power to make things right.

He was funny and filled your life with good stories, perhaps
during the end of his life he didn't have too many good
ones to tell and he would dig deep in his bag of love and
bring up a story that would make you laugh until you cried.

He was gentle and oh so kind. He would help anyone who
had a problem, drop anything he was doing if you were
in trouble and be right by your side.

He was the owner and operator of Oyster Bay Crane
and enjoyed his calling in life and was known as "the best
crane operator on Long Island" ~ everyone knew his name
and called him when a job was required. He would work
into the night and come home smiling but tired.

His journey to death was long and arduous and he fought
with such courage to get back home to me. It was not to
be. He always looked at me and said "honey, I am trying,
and it would make me break down and cry. When he came
back from his last surgery to put a catheter in him for his
upcoming dialysis he looked at me and grabbed me and
held me close to his chest and would not let me go. He
kept kissing my head, he couldn't talk but he showed me
how very much he loved me. That touched my heart
and soul and today I can still feel his arms around
me pulling him close to his heart.

Little did I know that five days after this that he would
go quietly in his sleep at the hospital. When he walked
into the door he would sound a familiar whistle and say
"I'm home" ~ I kept thinking and hearing, that whistle
as I drove to the hospital to see him for the last time.

I walked into the hospital room which was silent and missing
a wonderful man and whistled to him "your home honey."
Oh but how I wish he were here with me.

I want to thank everyone for their support and love.
There are no words that I can convey that would let you
know how I appreciate the journey that you all made with
my beloved Arthur. Truly a man for all seasons who will
never be forgotten. I will always remember him and the
wonderful days we shared through life. I will never
pack away my memories and have to retrieve them,
they will always be ready to come to the surface in
a blink of an eye. He was everything to me.

Goodbye my sweet and gentle Artie, the joy of life's
destiny. How proud I was to share your walk through
all the days we were together. I will never walk alone
in life, even though you are not here with me any longer
I will always carry you in my heart. I know that when
you left me you walked into a garden of beauty where
the angels all whistled your familiar tune and said
"Your Home" ~ and I know, I truly know God smiled.

I love you "Big Guy"








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Wildwood Crest~Tim Janis
From the Album: A Thousand Summers
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