Christmas is a time for love

The love that filled your heart

You were such a special gift

That in my life won't part


The times of love and joy remain

They never go away

You keep my heart so centered

Forever and a day


You brought a special Christmas gift

You shared it through the years

The laughter and the peace you gave

Shall always keep you near


The times in life we put away

Within a treasured place

Are gathered in a gold bound book

That fills a gentle space


In searching for a piece of you

There’s much that I can find

For in this life you were the joy

Of love that truly binds


And so this Christmas I shall seek

The joy that you acquired

Holding on with all my might

The love that you inspired


For you were loved by many

With every passing day

The heart of Christmas that we seek

Is now a breath away


I whisper words that you will hear

Within the soft cool breeze

A plethora of gentle thoughts

That put my heart at ease


When I awake on Christmas day

It's your voice I shall hear

Wishing me the happiness

You shared with me each year


Time and space will have no bounds

For you are in my soul

The beauty of your love inspired

Through every story told.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

©Copyright December 4, 2008


How do we measure the worth of a man, for me it is

easy, as Arthur was a special man in life, a man who

always had Christmas in his heart. He was generous to

a fault and had many people in his life who would take

advantage of that, but to him that was not important

he knew that deep down somewhere in their hearts was

something special about them. That is how he lived,

that is how he shared his generous heart and spirit.


I had many a Christmas with my Artie, he was so

jolly and filled with the spirit of Christmas, he loved

all the Holidays but Christmas was a special time for

him. I always made the house special for Christmas,

he loved things that moved and so each year I would

get him something that he could turn on and watch.

One year it was a beautiful Carousel that went up and down

with Victorian men and ladies on it. Then the next year

I got him a little pool table with mice playing pool. He

would walk around the house and light up when he saw

the movement of the toys and just enjoyed it so much.


His partner Ritchie would always buy him a special

collectible car. He loved old cars and spent hours looking

through the Hemmings Motor Magazine. He has an original

 Thunderbird, a two-seater with opera roof . It is sitting in our

garage, he loved that car so much. He was just a little boy

in a big guy's body. How he loved the joy in life that he

felt from the little things that put a smile on your face.


He was also a giver in life, for a few months before

the Holidays he would go on shopping sprees and fill

the back of his car with gifts, all kinds of gifts, some I

myself would beg him for. He always let me take what

I wanted, but the price to pay was that I had to wrap them

for him so when he met a stranger or a friend that struck

his fancy he would pop open that trunk and give them a

present for Christmas. That is just how he was. He was

indeed the epitome of the spirit of Christmas and love.


As I sit and think of him this year I will remember all

the beautiful gifts that came from his heart and hear his

laughter and joy at the smallest things in life that would

put a smile on his face. I remember that smile, I remember

that love. Christmas will always be a special time of

year for me with memories that you cannot forget.


Thank you Artie for being the " Christmas"  every day in my

life. Thank you for the years of  joy with you by my side.

I will carry you always in my heart and know that I was

indeed blessed to share the life of a man who was

the quintessential expression of the spirit of love.


Merry Christmas  ~ You are Always in my Heart

You are truly part of my soul.


Your Franny







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