As cool winds start to whisper
My heart hears what they sing
A soft sweet glowing echo
Of what these moments bring

I miss you with a passion
That fills my every day
I see you in our special place
Our hearts are here to stay

I look about the house now
Although you are not here
I feel your presence always
My sadness always near

I want to reach to touch you
To hold you to my heart
To tell you that I love you
As every season starts

The leaves are falling gayly
And yet my heart is sad
They dance inside a whirlwind
Such beauty that we shared

I love the breeze of Autumn
The cool and gentle glow
Of leaves now made of colors
That filled our life up so

I wait to hear your laughter
I wait to feel your breath
And yet I know its over
These days in life were blest

I know you'll never leave me
For you are standing near
I feel your presence always
As seasons are revered

I'm holding you so closely
I'm dancing in the wind
Watching as the leaves fall
Touching you again

See you in the morning
When gentle lights will shine
Knowing it's your presence
That captures love sweet rhyme.

~ Francine ~ Mrs. Arthur Pucillo ~
In Memory of my Beloved Arthur
November 4, 2009 ~ First Year Anniversary
© Copyright October 29, 2009



Grand Lake~Tim Janis
From the Album: A Thousand Summers
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