Reflections of my life with you
Arrive with each new day
I look within my heart and say
You'll never go away

Our time in life a rhapsody
That made my heart just glow
To know you was to love you
Your beauty made it so

Reflecting in the mirror
Forever will I see
The smile that God created
Was thoughtfully for me

I think about tomorrows
So sad that you're not here
But knowing that you capture
The moments I revered

I look beyond the mirror
I see the starry night
We dance among the stars now
Your arms around me tight

Through life your heart still echoes
The beauty of your soul
It sends a special message
That makes my life feel whole

No darkness now my darling
Your light forever shines
Within these special hours
Our bond of love defined

Within my life you entered
Like calm within life's storms
You brought me to calm waters
Where life and love belongs.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
Mrs. Arthur Pucillo





Cape Arm~Tim Janis
From the Album: A Thousand Summers
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