My footsteps shall lead back to you
No matter where I go
Upon the sand within the waves
The love a constant flow

I hear your laughter ~ see your smile
Which makes my heart receive
The tenderness in life we shared
Now captured in life's breeze

I find you in the little things
That filled up all our days
I turn around and see you there
I want it just that way

For you were such a light in life
That truly let me see
The love that you shared constantly
Will live inside of me

No one in life could ever be
The one who shared this place
Within my heart the bond we made
Is made of gold and lace

So stay with me throughout these days
When I will need you near
Hold me tight within the night
To take away my fear

I see the sparkle in the night
Within the darkened sky
A star that brightens up my world
Whenever you pass by

Within the dawn of each new day
We walk within it's path
As sunset paints the masterpiece
The love we shared shall last.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
"Mrs. Arthur Pucillo"
©Copyright November 1, 2010

Never a day goes by in my life when I don't think of

the special man I shared my dreams with. He gave so

much to everyone and always had time to share

 his generous heart.


I walk  through each day missing him, knowing that

one day we will be together again, but it is difficult for

me not to have him in my life on a daily basis.


My heart cries for him. My soul longs for

his laughter and calmness. There is never

a day when I wake up and  while walking through

it I whisper his name, and I know that he

hears me and as he puts his arm around my

waist as he used to do I feel his gentle push for me

to go on with my life but it has been the most

difficult thing I have ever had to do.


He was the world to me. I will carry him always.

His chair may be empty but his life never ends.

He was more than my husband ~ he was truly my friend.


~ Love Francine ~



Tim Janis ~ Album of 1000 Summers 2 ~ Ocean Isle ~ Track 12

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