Light now softly dancing
Special kind of glow
Shadows all around me
Warming gentle flow

Beauty in this vision
With softness everywhere
Shining all around me
So quietly aware

Escaping in this time now
When mind is at great ease
Thinking of the calmest things
Like softest summer breeze

Peaceful time enhances
Thoughts within the mind
See the heart expanding
Seek and you shall find

Whatever thoughts now enter
You give them special time
Alone within your gentle place
The heart and soul will rhyme

Moments of such pleasure
Dreams that now come true
Close you eyes in calmness
This blessing just for you.

~ Francine Pucillo ~

©January 19, 2002





Midi "Marble Halls" by Enya

Obtained From "Arlene's Heavenly Miscellaneous Midi's"

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