Writing you from heaven
I saw you from the sky
Tears fell for the sorrow
I saw within your eyes

The day in life I left you
I knew I'd always be
Standing right beside you
Throughout eternity

Days in life together
Each and every one
I'll treasure for eternity
Like warmth of dazzling sun

Felt your love each moment
Through all the hurt and pain
You and I together
Our love it stays the same

You gave me so much caring
Each moment of my day
No sister could be greater
With love that came my way

For in my life you gave me
Wings that made me fly
Upon the earth together
Our spirits soared so high

I'm sending you this Angel
With love from high above
This Angel of Compassion
A gift with all my love

For now we are together
Our spirits all entwined
Wings in life you gave me
Shared with yours are mine

An Angel up in heaven
Her wings left at your door
Always a reminder
I couldn't love you more.

~ Love Angel ~

~ Francine Pucillo ~
©August 14, 2002




Midi Entitled "Vole (Fly)" by Celine Dion


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