I am here to watch and love you
From clouds within the sky
Bouncing with the angels
Watching days go by

Looking at my family
With love and gentle prayers
Know that I am with you
I always will be there

The time we spent together
The memories we shared
They'll always be the answer
To show how much I cared

No matter what the distance
No matter what the time
The moments spent together
Are treasures that will bind

I'll miss you and I love you
But always I am there
Just call my name I'll hear you
These wings I have I'll share

At nights when you are lonely
When tears begin to fall
Know that I am with you
And how much I love you all

Know that I'm not lonely
Our family by my side
Smiling me and kissing me
Their hearts are filled with pride

I'll see you in the morning
When the dawn is breaking through
A vision of such beauty
My gift in life to you.

~ Love Angel Maddie ~

~ Francine Pucillo ~
┬ęCopyright April 3, 2012






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