Her beauty filled with spirit
Her innocence defined
Her wings in life were borrowed
Embroidered lace designed

We could not keep her with us
It was not meant to be
But life will hold a story
Of an Angel named Maddie

Her smile so warm like sunshine
Her heart made of pure gold
With every part of joyfulness
Her time in life we hold

The moments we remember
The seconds we embrace
Now captured in the memories
Our hearts and souls retrace

Her life on earth a portrait
Of angel wings that glow
Remembrances we gather
As all her love shall flow

Her time on earth so precious
So close within your space
She'll wrap her wings around you
You'll feel her warm embrace

So now within a meadow
Or somewhere in the blue
Our little precious Maddie
Is sending love to you

Look up you will see her
Your heart will know she's there
That tiny little whisper
That breeze that fills the air.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
In Remembrance Maddie
November 3, 2011 ~ March 16, 2012

┬ęCopyright 2012

Angel Maddie

11/3/2011 ~ 3/26/2012

Madeline "Maddie" Loveless was on earth for only a little while
but she was a gift for the ages. The face of an angel with
a smile that filled your heart.

She was not meant to be on this earth for a long time
but the time she was on this earth will be cherished by all.

Our hearts will grieve forever for the loss of such a precious baby.
We lose so much in life, we sacrifice so much and yet for
that little bit of time that we shared we are so very grateful.

Her Mom Dad and all her extended family will remember
her and will miss her with every part of their heart and soul.

She was a precious gift to all and brought smiles and
laughter to many. She will never be forgotten.





Alton Bay From the Album: A Thousand Summers
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