From now until forever
This path is made of gold
For us the road to follow
With love our hearts unfold

Hand that reaches softly
Is always there for you
Faith we share within this love
Our hearts now vowed so true

Knowing this my Darling
Our life begins to shine
Together in this journey
Forever hearts entwine

Wherever our life takes us
We'll always find a way
You beside me always
Our love will grow each day

The years that we will gather
Will bring us to this place
Remembrances forever
Hearts of love retrace

Travel with me Darling
This journey now be scrolled
With you beside me daily
Our life now etched with gold.

Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright May 9, 2002

Midi "Wedding Song" by Yuko Ohigashi.  She now has CDs for sale!



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