Looks to the horizon
Sees the colors warm
Feels the softness enter
Chase away life's storms

Twilight is upon her
Heart is light and gay
Stars are brightly twinkling
Such dazzle in bouquet

Moment of such pleasure
Alone yet not alone
Upon the sill she ponders
This is now her throne

Majestic lights are dancing
The stage has now been set
Spirit now is dancing
Such graceful pirouettes

Time is on her side now
Thoughts are racing through
Treasured is this moment
A time she will renew

Soft the breezes flow now
They help her move along
Within a fleeting moment
The vision of new dawn.

~Francine Pucillo ~

©Copyright 2002


Midi "Oriel Window" by Enya

Obtained from "Arlene's Miscellaneous Midis"



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