Many years have passed us by
Each one I carefully trace
Remembering the time we shared
These moments I embrace

Strong and filled with wisdom
My kind and gentle heart
You filled me with the deepest love
My blessed work of art

Kindness did exude from you
Such peace I always found
Together with my memories
My heart to you is bound

Candle glow upon the wall
I see you standing there
Smile of love my masterpiece
This canvas heart will wear

Flicking within the night
Our shadows now will meet
Dancing in the softest light
Two hearts of love now greet

Flame of love will always burn
No matter where you are
Look upon the softest glow
You're never really far.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright May 18, 2002



Midi ' Watermark" by Enya

Obtained from "Arlene's Miscellaneous Midis"

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