We look to you in sorrow and feel your awful pain
One look into the future with sadness comes the rain
Storms of life unending no matter what we do
We cannot comprehend this and feel so helpless too
No matter what the pain is our hearts are here to share
Though it seems not good enough this disaster so unfair
No home to feel contentment nor place in life to stay
No meal to feed your hunger no way to save the day
We look to see the light now that comes after the storm
But devastation growing by leaps and bounds it forms
Tears in life are falling as you seek a place to go
Knowing it's all gone now and still the water flows
Know that we are with you our hearts are now entwined
Compassion filled with healing through courage we combine
Know our thoughts are with you our hearts now beating fast
Praying to the heavens that God will let this pass
But life is not so easy it seems there's always tears
Creating so much sadness bringing constant fears
Take heart in our expression of love and caring thoughts
As you suffer through this horror our prayers for you not lost
Time will heal they tell us but I sometimes wonder when
For every day a greater loss just around the bend
I look to the sky and I ask God why ~ the answer never there
But in my heart repeating "the sun must shine again."

~ Francine Pucillo ~

Copyright September 3, 2005





~ Words From My Heart ~


For all the suffering we have dealt with in this life I don't believe
that I have ever witnessed such a terrible tragedy of this magnitude
right here in America from nature's fury. We never think that something
like this will ever happen and then as the reality sets in, it's obvious to
us that we have no control of our destiny and through no fault of our
own or others, we cannot control the tides of life.
Since the horrific tragedy of September 11, I didn't think that
 we could ever comprehend such pain and grief once again.
I know that comparing the two is different but with the
same unspeakable results. Human beings ripped out of life.
Suffering of such magnitude is hard to comprehend.
It is hard to put into words what I felt as I watched thousands
of people struggle and lose everything in life they owned,
even their family members, in a terrible act of nature.
 We are a nation of  hope and healing. I know that
 it is said that we "did not" do things with great speed
 but I feel personally, that there are times like these where
you just don't know where to begin.. It seems as though
we are always blaming someone or something  for things
in life like this where we truly have no control. Once the
motion is set I don't think anyone in the world could criticize
the acts of kindness and compassion that you will witness.
I believe that we turned the corner of this terrible
 tragedy with as much speed as we possibly could. It is
so easy for those who constantly have negative things
to say concerning "what is being done" ~ For those to
say that it was a "racial" issue is so outlandish to me.
In  this type of situation there is always someone who
is going to "criticize" ~ it's a part of their repertoire that
is constant and a means for them to be seen and heard
in a time of terrible tragedy and crisis.
 I have seen the faces of heroism, I have seen the
 faces of despair and I have seen the faces of the
many who are inherently noble and good people who
have put their life on the line to rescue those who needed
to be rescued and done their level best in this situation.
I offer my deepest condolences to all those families who are
in such a predicament as this. Seeing the sick and dying left
on makeshift stretchers, gasping for oxygen and babies being
born in the most awful conditions. No water, no food, no help
available is more than anyone can comprehend, but how can
you be ready for such a catastrophic occurrence in life? How can
you hold your fate in your hands by riding out storms in life that
are destined to happen? I pray that somehow we can all come
together to make a difference for those in our Gulf states who
need help and compassion. My heart and prayers are with everyone.
Please give as much as you can to help those affected by
this terrible hurricane the power to see the light of day again.
Be careful who you choose to give donations to, several places
are sending e mails asking for money. Do not be fooled by these
charlatans  who use any means to make money on the heels of
pain of others. Make sure you give to reputable places.
You can find them easily on the internet.
If it is impossible for you to give because of extreme situations
of  your own take heart in knowing that prayers are special
gifts of "giving"  ~ The heart that has compassion is the greatest
expression of love and caring. It is my privilege to know you all
and know that you will do all that you can to help in the relief
of this most catastrophic event that has occurred.
It is indeed my privilege to call you "Friend"
Thank you and God Bless




For information relating to the disastrous hurricane that hit the Gulf Coast

Click on the information link below.





















Midi Entitled "Spending My Time" by Roxette

Obtained from "Moose Midis"



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